Elitzur Academy of Sports multi sports program that promotes athleticism, balance, speed and agility. With less opportunity for emotional burn out, the children focus on a variety of sports which enables them to also improve their skill development, such as ball tracking and hand to eye co-ordination

Being a Family Club, we offer a 15 % Discount to All Siblings that are training in our 3 hour programme.

Our students become healthier and are more active through inclusive play. Our sessions are coached in a fun, safe and secure environment. We do not tolerate bad language, bullying or anti- social behavior.

Our experience is that our students flourish in an active, fun and safe environment. 

Our qualified team of coaches ensure the students get the maximum benefit out of each session through inclusive play. 

All of the students partake in 9 sports, developing their hand to eye co-ordination, ball tracking skills and knowledge. At the same time improving their personal fitness levels, speed and agility. 

The Academy  excellent facilities allow us to train both indoors and outside, weather dependent, and all sports equipment is supplied by us.

Why is Multi-Sports for children better than specializing in one sport?

Studies show that children suffer FEWER OVER USE INJURIES, whilst playing different sports. Growing bodies can become over stressed by repetition leading to injuries. Children coached in multi sports can lead to better muscle, motor and skill development. Promoting general athleticism, balance, speed and agility.

There is LESS OPPORTUNITY FOR EMOTIONAL BURN OUT. Children focusing so much time only on one sport risk tiring of sport altogether. Having a variety of experiences keeps things interesting. SPORTS SKILLS TRANSFER from one sport into another – ball tracking, hand to eye co-ordination, quickness, running, jumping, agility and throwing. EXPOSURE TO DIFFERENT ROLES – being a team player in e.g. Basketball, is a different experience to being a team player in hockey, or football.

​Children learn different supporting roles, communication and team play. NOT PUTTING ALL YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET – playing only one sport limits your options. An injury, a bad experience, a reduced role in a more competitive team can bring an abrupt end to an athletic career.

“To provide quality sports education to all’s”

Mission: “As a young nation EAS takes responsibility to be part of the FIT India movement while teaching everyone in sports for Fitness, Competition and above all for good health and spirit

ElITZUR ACADEMY  OF SPORTS Sports Academy will be serving all interested and motivated people in various sports by professional training and well maintained and equipped infrastructure.


The COVID pandemic calls for a healthy body and fit mind to overcome the wrath of this infectious disease. EAS has made the best effort to offer everyone with a world class infrastructure to develop a healthy body and strong mind with variety of sports and fitness facilities in Hosur , Tamil Nadu.

Features of the EAS:

  • Safety: The Academy in view of the growing pandemic follows strict norms of health safety as laid by WHO and State Health Department.
  • Participants and Members are requested to follow the rules as mentioned in the membership form and entry points to the academy.
  • Overall Personal Development: EAS offers facility ranging from Running to Field Sports, That help to develop your core , cardiovascular, flexibility and agility.
  • Performance Development: EAS manages each sport with professional coaches and provides long term performance plans for each player joining the academy.
  • Family Health and Fitness: EAS offers a holistic range of motor and mental activity for the entire family.


Lack of exercise can impair your immune system, affect physical health and aggravate existing disease.


It can hasten the onset of lifestyle conditions such as diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease — the incidence of which was growing as a result of sedentary lifestyles and poor diets, even before the lockdown.


Regular exercise, meanwhile, can strengthen everything from your lungs to immune and digestive systems, get the endorphins flowing and improve your mood, boost circulation and heart health.

Special COVID19 Safety Training and Fitness Regime

Corona may stay for a bit longer and it is everyone’s responsibility to keep the infection at Bay from outer Safety Education and Inner Immunity Building.

EAS will provide the best training for a healthy body and strength development that shall be ready to fight with many diseases and keep you agile.